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Life Coaching To Transform

Making ready for a soul shift

  • 1 h
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Service Description

A one hour online transformational coaching session to guide you to a wholesome life. Healing, wellness, and expansion comes through an aligned connection with Spirit, self, others, the earth; including plants and animals, and the universe. With this in mind, all private sessions, workshops and intensives are designed to encourage reconnection with what has been disconnected. Together we will clear and release conscious and unconscious blocks, old stories, and the energy surrounding them that keeps us stuck in old patterns. You will experienced enhanced connection in the inner (mind, body, spirit) and outer life, and will learn specific tools and techniques that will empower you as you embark on your healing journey. Used in a unique combination with each other, these holistic and experiential approaches to healing and wellness are wonderful supports that will help raise the body's vibrational frequency, restore balance and harmony in the energy system, as well as in the physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional body, placing it in a position to self-heal. As we release what does not serve us a shift happens. A space is created inside of us where a re-balancing begins to occur. This re-organizing naturally puts us into alignment with life bringing about change at the deepest level and allowing us the possibility to transcend what is hindering our limitless potential. An inner power and resilience are awakened at the soul level putting us in flow with the unfolding journey of life, both within ourselves and in the world. This embodiment of forward momentum can be embraced effortlessly.

Cancellation Policy

Your counselor has booked and held your spot. Unless it is an emergency, kindly give 24 hour cancellation notice. Any cancellation after 24 hours will be assessed 30.00 fee to be paid before a reschedule. Thank you

Contact Details


13180 Leslie Road, st 2

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